Tech Meet Up

About The Meet Up?
The Qubators Tech Meet Up is a collaborative series of quartely/ bi annual live events that is held in different countries and cities with the goal to spark conversation, share ideas, connection, continuous innovation and technological development among Qubators Network members and other Christian developers around the world

The Experience What To Expect?


Many developers go to meet-ups and conferences to learn something new, about either a specific topic or just something new that they might not have heard about. With many resources out there such as blogs and Youtube, we have many platforms to learn from, so what do meet-ups and conferences give us that’s different?


With learning being a big part of meet-ups and conferences, there will need to be people sharing content. The content shared by speakers is what attracts many attendees to these events, but sharing doesn’t just stop there— it goes beyond that.


Networking is not something that every developer is fond of, but this communication between people is what brings so many benefits to developers at these events. Networking is where we talk about what we do, problems we might be having with some technology, or even just making new friends that do similar work as you do. This is where we share ideas, learn from each other and help each other grow.


Collaboration doesn’t always start at conferences or meet-ups but this could be a starting point where a few people meet and they end up making something great.
Upcoming Event

28th of September 2022 to the
10th of October 2022.

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